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Gel Treatments


A power polish gel that is thin and flexible but provides a strong protection to the natural nail. Lasting up to 14 days with a high gloss shine.

Full Set Fingers - £25.50

Full Set Toes - £18.50

Soak - £10.00

New Plexi Gel-Builder & Shaper Gel

A conditioning gel that strengthens the natural nail. It has a thick consistency that can be infilled lasting 2-4 weeks.

Plexi Builder Gel, Tips & Shellac - £44.50

Shaper Gel Overlay & Shellac - £32.50

Builder Infill - £27.50

Soak - £10.00

O.P.I Nail Extensions

Natural Look Acrylic Nail Extensions -£40.00
French Acrylic Nail Extensions - £42.00

Natural Infill - £25.50
French Infill - £27.50
1x Nail Repair Natural - £5.50
1x Nail Repair French - £6.00
Add Shellac Polish - £9.00
Removal of Nail Extensions  £15.00

Nail Art

With new technology try our fabulous nail art designs, choosing from a variety of designs to give the perfect effect. Effects from Lecente, Minx or freehand art work.


Lecente Glitters, Chrome & Stamping Effects

Add a touch of glitter or an up and coming chrome or stamping look with your shellac colour.

Glitter, Chrome or Stamping per nail    £0.55

Glitter, Chrome or Stamping Full Set    £4.50


Nail Art

Free hand art work - from £10.00

Nail Jewels - £0.60 

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