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Nail Treatments: List

Gel Treatments

Bio Sculpture Gel

A conditioning gel that strengthens the natural nail. It has a thick consistency that can be infilled lasting 2-4 weeks. Applied clear, colour or french.

Full Set Fingers - £35.00

Full Set Toes - £21.00

Infill Fingers - £24.00

Soak - £8.00


A power polish gel that is thin and flexible but provides a strong protection to the natural nail. Lasting up to 14 days with a high gloss shine.

Full Set Fingers - £24.00

Full Set Toes - £17.00

Soak - £8.00

Shellac over extensions - £8.50

New Plexi Gel-Builder & Shaper Gel

Plexi Builder Gel, Tips & Shellac - £43.00

Shaper Gel Overlay & Shellac - £30.00

Builder/Shaper Infill - £26.00

O.P.I Nail Extensions

Natural Look Acrylic Nail Extensions -£38.00
French Acrylic Nail Extensions - £40.00 Natural Infill - £24.00
French Infill - £26.00
1x Nail Repair Natural - £4.50
1x Nail Repair French - £5.50
Add Shellac Polish - £8.50
Removal of Nail Extensions  £15.00

Nail Art

With new technology try our fabulous nail art designs, choosing from a variety of designs to give the perfect effect. Effects from Lecente, Minx or freehand art work.

Lecente Glitters, Chrome & Stamping Effects

Add a touch of glitter or an up and coming chrome or stamping look with your shellac colour.

Glitter, Chrome or Stamping per nail    £0.55

Glitter, Chrome or Stamping Full Set    £4.40


Fabulous statement foils, plain or pattern metallics for toes lasting up to 8 weeks.

Full Set - £22.00

Nail Art

Free hand art work - from £8.00

Nail Jewels - £0.50 

Nail Repair

IBX Nail Repair Treatment 

This is an intense treatment to target imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing. Ideal to use under gel polish systems.

IBX under Shellac or Bio Sculpture Gel - £9.00

Additional treatments - £4.50

Toe Nail Repair

Bio Sculpture Form Enhancement For Single Toe - £9.00 

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